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Car Shows, History, and Protecting Your "Baby"

Car shows are starting to come back!!  The “Gears and Beers” car show was held on May 30 at Redstone Shopping and Entertainment Center (just up the road from Monte Carlo Garages) and hosted by a partnership of Company Craft Beer and 

Kitchen with Eurofed.  A great selection of exotics, including Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, and many others were on display.  And, Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers will have another Meetup this Sunday, June 14, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM at the Cureton Town Center parking lot, 8157 Kensington Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173.  Drop by and join the fun!

Did you catch the SpaceX launch?  This was a number of firsts: 
  • The first time NASA partnered with private enterprise to launch a human in to space.
  • The first launch of Americans from American soil in over 10 years.
  • The first "recyclable" rocket. One of the highlights for me, personally, was to watch the Falcon Booster Rocket come back to Earth, resting safely on a barge in the Atlantic.
Imagine being in a vehicle going over 20,000 miles per hour.  What a great time in history.  And, we got to witness it!

Checkout the feature on Charlotte Auto Spa. Denny and his team provide excellent care and protection for your vehicles from the everyday driver to your prized “baby.”  You can find Charlotte Auto Spa in the Monte Carlo community. 

And,the Monte Carlo Community is growing!! All of the garages in Building B are taken except garage B100.  And, soon to be owners are reserving their garages in Building E.  We are excited to be a part of the growth of the Monte Carlo community!

If you have some news to share, we’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us an e-mail at: or give a call to 704-457-1901. Stay safe, stay well!

-Brad Bowman
Monte Carlo Garages

Exclusive News and Features

Snapshot: Charlotte Auto Spa

Denny Ramkissoon has spent the majority of his professional life in the automotive industry.  Having devoted years travelling the world with a paintless dent removal service, he wanted more time at home,with his family.  As such, he established Charlotte Auto Spa.  Located at Monte Carlo Garages, Charlotte Auto Spa offers customers a variety of services from window tinting to paintless dent removal, to clear bra applications to ceramic coatings, his latest addition to the roster of offerings.

“I got certified by Ceramic Pro in San Diego, California a few years back and go back for refresher courses on occasion,” he said.  “These help me keep my skills sharp and learn about their latest ceramic coating technologies.  Ceramic Pro is a liquid ceramic glass that bonds to the surface of your paint and cures to becomes a new substrate with three-to-four times harder surface area.”

In order to properly apply the coating, a vehicle must be correctly prepped.“It’s like so many things in life, the success comes from the preparation,” he said.

In this case, Denny says the process takes about two-and-a-half to three days.  The vehicle is fully hand washed and decontaminated both chemically and with a clay bar.  Then it’s washed again and given a paint correcting, which eliminates most or all minor scratches and swirls, evens the color, and simply put makes it clear and shiny. With this completed, the ceramic coating is applied.    

“It’s not a bulletproof shield, but it does offer a second, more durable layer of protection to your car, protecting it from bird droppings, UV rays, sap, and soon,” he said.          

Interestingly too, because of the glassy nature of the ceramic coating, vehicles are much easier to clean and actually self-clean, to a minor degree, in the rain.  To boot, the days of polishing and waxing area thing of the past.            

“Just wash it and go,” he said.  “If you love detailing, you can still enjoy doing the actual detailing – cleaning and dressing the trim, making sure the plastics are polished, taking care of the interior, and things like that.  But you don’t need to polish and wax it.”            

Checkout Denny’s website here, or stop by Charlotte Auto Salon at Monte Carlo Garage and see what he’s up to.

Cabinet Ideas

There is literally an ocean of options when it comes to garage cabinets and accessories, and many of them are remarkably good.  One of the best names in the business is Moduline, with a lengthy list of cabinets, closets, rollouts, drawers, and accessories.  Their Select Series is hard to beat – an excellent value offering a seemingly endless array of options and customizability, the Select Series is crafted with aluminum and stainless steel, offering an exceptionally long lifespan. Learn more here.


 Goin’ Up in Value: 1998 – 2004 Porsche 996 911


It’s often been described as the Rodney Dangerfield of the Porsche 911 family,bringing about the first of the water-cooled engines, and the first major body and interior restyling.  Interestingly though, the 996 showed more flexibility than perhaps any other 911 before it,with more than 12 sub models emerging based on the 996 architecture and engineering.   

The 996 Carrera proved a very low .30 drag coefficient, and the redesigned body earned several awards during its production. Many balked at the similarities to the Porsche Boxster, especially in the front end, and it’s likely a fair argument – obviously Porsche agreed,correcting the image with the 997. Enthusiasts criticized the interior, saying it broke from tradition,implementing a huge restyling that, again, followed Boxster’s lead –interestingly, however, the restyled body and interior seemed to usher in a new crop of younger buyers.  Besides, the whole 996 project seems to have been all about breaking from tradition. 

The 3.4L flat 6-cylinder engine was a solid performer, however, the non-turbo variants suffered from insufficient intermediate shaft bearings, or IMS bearings, which could ultimately destroy the engine.  Interestingly, though, the turbo-equipped 996s were relatively robust, although there were several complaints about cooling system leaks and faulty water pumps. Using basic good judgement in a purchase is paramount to enjoying the ownership experience, a practice that should be used when buying any car,really – but especially one with a very expensive engine.  Look for the receipts for service and read them – make sure the IMS bearing was replaced, look over the mechanic’s notes,see if there is anything indicating troubles that were not addressed later.            

Because of the lackluster response, the 996 remained for many years as the 911 to avoid, which was truly sad – it has so many positive attributes going for it,one of which, ironically, is the price. Because of the low opinion surrounding 996, prices have long been very reasonable.  However, in recent months,the 996 has been slowly appreciating very steadily, especially, of course, therarer and more performance-oriented models. Now may well be the time to snap one up. In the shadow of the 997, which most argue was a vastly improved 911,the 996 offers a fabulous value, provided you find one that’s been maintained.  Our pick would be a turbo or Carrera 4S. 


Groovy Automotive Lift

American Custom Lifts has long been in the business of engineering some seriously cool products, most notably the Phantom Park Subterranean Parking Lift.  However, one of our favorite lifts is ACL’s Maximum One Single Post Car Lift. American made, the lift was specifically designed for use in tighter spaces.  Capable of lifting 4,500-pounds or 6,500-pounds, the M-1 makes it easy to park underneath the car above by eliminating the other three posts. Simply drive under and you’re in – not much chance of misjudging where the other posts are in relation to your car. While practical, it also offers certain styling advantages to positioning cars in larger garages. 

For more information, visit American Custom Lifts here