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Welcome Back!!!

Things are looking up!!  Governments opened parks and beaches just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  Some restaurants are re-opening.  NASCAR is back on track (albeit without fans in the stands…yet).  

Soon, my wife can retire as the resident barber.  As we follow the guidelines, governments will take further steps toward re-opening our economy.  Stay safe and be respectful of those around you.     

In this issue, you will get to know Klassic Rides, a Concours-level automotive restoration shop located in Denver, NC.  Billy West and Fred Rice have been restoring interesting rides for automotive enthusiasts in the Charlotte area as well as nationally.  They have even rebuilt and restored cars for some names you would mostly likely know, although we can’t say who.  Check out some of their cool restorations, including the 1949 Jaguar “Hemi-Cat.”

When you need a break from the “new normal,” grab a beer (or more), head to the home theater, and tune into some automotive entertainment.  Here are a few of my favorites:-  
  • Winning:  The Racing Life of Paul Newman (Included with Amazon Prime Video) – Who knew that Paul Newman considered his acting life to be secondary to his REAL job of being a Race Car Driver?
  • The 24 Hour War (the Ford vs Ferrari documentary film produced by Adam Carolla) – Included in Netflix.  Interesting to hear the story from some of the players that were actually there.  
  • Jay Leno’s Garage (on CNBC and YouTube) – Where does he come up with some of those outrageous vehicles? 
If you have some news to share, we’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us an e-mail at: or give a call to 704-457-1901. Enjoy each day and appreciate the great folks who share your lives.

-Brad Bowman
Monte Carlo Garages

Exclusive News and Features

Snapshot: Klassic Rides

In just the past decade, automobile restorations have branched out further than ever.  Ranging from Concours-level restorations to Resto Mod to Hot Rod to variants in between, today's customers are more comfortable than ever at custom tailoring their car.

“I think it has to do with new cars spoiling us,” said Billy West, founder of Klassic Rides in Denver, North Carolina.  “Modern cars are so well built, they really challenge the classics. So, customers want to upgrade and make older cars more enjoyable and reliable to drive.”            

Klassic Rides can perform Concours-level restorations, but their more interesting moments have come from customers wanting the classic look with the new technology.  Which is how they came to put a Dodge Viper chassis under a vintage Plymouth ’Cuda and a modern Chrysler 300 chassis under a 1949 Jaguar.

“The Jaguar was a fabulous project,” said Fred Rice, co-owner of Klassic Rides.  “Billy and the team had to resize the body to accommodate the 300s chassis.  The body panels had to be enlarged, along with the interior.  The dash was right out of the Chrysler, but it was given a complete wood look so that it more suited the interior.”            

Billy’s interest in cars goes way back to boyhood.  When it was getting near time for Billy to buy a first car, his dad told him he should buy something to rebuild from the ground up so he would learn the art of automotive engineering and restoration.  Billy agreed and bought a Chevrolet Chevelle which he restored and still owns today.  Obviously inspired, Billy graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Continuing to enjoy restoring cars on the side while working a day job, he realized he was doing more and more restoration work for people and making quite a nice living at it.

“It took some time, but one day it was clear that I could make a living doing this,something I really love, so I gave up the nine-to-five and opened Klassic Rides,” said Billy.             

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Speak Easy in the Garage

Gas pumps have long been a staple component in a well-ordered garage, but the Speak Easy from takes the idea to another level.  Made of composite and finished in marine gel coat, the Speak Easy Gas Pump is a wine bar, mini fridge piece of decorative joy all wrapped into one.  Available in any oil brand offered at GarageArt, even custom designs and business logos can be produced.  The refrigerator holds up to 80 cans and cools down to 34-degrees of chill, while the mini bar above the fridge is perfect for prepping drinks or just displaying the goods.  If the mini bar isn’t of interest, but a wine fridge is, that can be done too – or maybe you want two fridges… the sky is just about the limit.  

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 Monte Carlo New Buildings UPDATE

Construction of the next building at Monte Carlo Garages is well underway.  The structure is up and roof is on!!

If you reserve soon, you can choose interior features.  Call or e-mail John for more information:  



 Those Things Seldom Seen

Seldom Seen

Coming on offer at Mecum Auction’s Indy event July 10-18, 2020, Lot F53 is a 1981 Dodge Custom known as “Double Header,” which should seriously confuse and inspire.  Created using two noses from Dodge Colts, or Plymouth Champs, or maybe one of each, the Double Header is ready to rock any cruise in or drive down the road.  While parallel parking may be a challenge, learning is likely very well worth the effort. Operable from either side, the car is motivated by a pair of 1.6L 4-cylinder engines and 4-speed manual transmissions.  Gotta love front-wheel drive.            

Mecum’s Indy event is one of their key auctions, offering about 2,500 vehicles across eight days of sales action in live, online, and telephone format. This not only aids in curtailing the current pandemic but allows people far and wide the opportunity to bid and enjoy from the comfort of their favorite chair.  It will be interesting to see what other interesting vehicles join Double Header during those days.

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 Floor It


Several options are out there to spice up the floor of any garage, ranging from roll-out vinyl to porcelain tiles – it’s all about the image and budget.  One of the easiest ways though is to use a roll-out vinyl option, and one of the best has long been the G-Floor from Better Life Technology (BLT).  A variety of patterns are available, from checkerboard to marble to granite to custom printed patterns for a one-off special situation.  While many balk at the idea of a roll-out vinyl floor, and many are relatively lackluster, BLT has long worked to produce a seriously durable product.  Couple that with their array of printed patterns and options, and it’s really a great idea.  Roll it out, cut it to fit – literally, within a short amount of time the garage takes on a whole new image.  Or, maybe it’s just a parking pad for the cars to sit on that will make the difference – see their options on