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Summertime, Car Events, Cool Garage and
Car Memorabilia

It’s official!  The summer solstice came on June 21.  The warm weather is calling for us to get out, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy.  So, take a drive with your spouse and friends with the windows open or the top down and enjoy the fresh air in your favorite car!

NASCAR is racing every week and is now letting a limited number of fans in the seats.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get tickets, enjoy the show!!  And,keep your eye on Alex Bowman in the #88 car. He’s doing really well this year (as mentioned before, Uncles get bragging rights and our family is quite proud of him!). 

In this issue, you’ll meet Kevin Fielden of Shiftgate Events.  His passion for cars has called him to create special events for enthusiasts.  Checkout his themed events for Italian cars (Motori Italiana), British cars (Best of Britain), and more.   

Construction continues at Monte Carlo Garages. Soon-to-be owners are reserving their garages in Building E, and construction of the new Daytona units is planned to start in July!

If you have some news to share, we’d love to hear from you.  Shoot us an e-mail at: or give a call to 704-457-1901. Stay safe, stay well!

-Brad Bowman
Monte Carlo Garages

Exclusive News and Features

Snapshot: Shiftgate Events

Shiftgate Events

The better events seem to originate from passion; such is the case behind Shiftgate Events by Kevin Fielden.  Fulfilling a childhood dream, Kevin bought an ’84 Ferrari 308 in the unusual-for-a-Ferrari color of grigio, or grey.  Completely thrilled with his purchase, he wanted to meet with other Ferrari owners and worked with his local dealership to find people who might be interested in cruises and dinners and social activities. 

“I was having a great time and figured it might be even more enjoyable sharing the enthusiasm with other Ferrari owners,” said Kevin. 

Meeting the other owners, Kevin formed the Charlotte Area Ferrari Enthusiasts, or CAFE, in 2004, organizing several gatherings for the owners.  In the fall of 2006, he put together a very popular Ferrari event at an upscale, open-air mall/townhome community. 

“After that event, a fellow Ferrari owner wanted to host an event at his new restaurant called 131 Main,” he said.  “So, we put that together, but opened it up to all Italian vehicles, calling it Motori Italiani, a Celebration of Italian Motoring.”

The Motori took place in the spring, and was considerably larger, thanks to welcoming all Italian vehicles.  The show hosted Vespas, Lamborghinis, Fiats, Ferraris, and everything in between, and was a huge success.

“In fact, Jim Calandro, the head of the US Desmo Club, which supports Ducati, lives here in Charlotte.  So, he brought in a number of motorcycles from his circle of friends,” he said. “It really was fantastic, and always is."

It was all going well, but, of course,creativity and passion always flow.

“It happened while eating at Big Ben’s Pub,great British food, I thought to myself, ‘We should host an all-British event,’” he said.  “I spoke with the owners, and they loved the idea, so we organized the Best of Britain, featuring Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin.”

The following year, an all-Jaguar event was added which sadly turned out to be a one-off event.  However, last year, after moving the event to 131 Main, the Best of Britain expanded to include all British marques.

Through all of this, in 2019, to put a more professional foot forward, Kevin founded Shiftgate Events.  With Shiftgate, Kevin was able to encompass the established shows, but also able to produce various guest speaker events.

“We had events planned, but, of course, the Covid pandemic stalled everything,” he said. “We’d really love to present Motori in the fall if things settle down,but we need to see."

To connect with Kevin, shoot him a note on

Take a Peek

Featured Garage

It seems there is never enough room for everything we have, let alone when we buy more.  For a collector in Northern California, nothing could be truer – his L-shaped, steel garage was purpose-built to house his cars and collectibles as well as a respectable automotive library and lounge, and it did – but immediately after it was built,it was filled.  Enjoy taking a peek at his garage!

Featured Garage

 Kit 'n Kaboodle

Detailing Kits

Sometimes it’s fun to get a kit from a wax company to try their products out.  Zymol has long assembled kits, even going so far as to assemble kits with exactly what customers want.  Here are a few ideas to try out, beginning with the grandfather of the wax kits…

Zymol Complete Kit
Choose the wax or Glaze you want, and Zymol takes care of the rest by including their Clear, HD-Cleanse, Vinyl, Treat, Brite, Field Glaze, Detail Wax, horse hair wheel brush, detail brush, two wax applicators, 100% cotton towel, Micro-Wipe, and two pre-wax applicators all in a sturdy, heavy-duty resin carrying case.  Check it out here.

Mothers - Wax Attack II Polishing Kit
Compounding, polishing, and waxing are made easy thanks to the Wax Attack II by Mothers.  The kit is complete with a dual-action random-orbital buffer, rubbing compound, finishing polish, synthetic wax, three microfiber towels, three interchangeable and reusable buffing pads, and a sturdy case to make portability and protection simple.  See more here.

Meguiar's - Gold Class Leather Sealer
A two-step process makes the Meguiar’s Leather Sealer very attractive.  Complete with Leather Prep,Leather Sealer, a soft foam applicator pad, and a microfiber towel, cleaning and protecting leather interiors seem like child’s play.  Find out more here.

Lucas Oil - Slick Mist
Especially for a quick prep to hit a car show or cruise-in, the Slick Mist Detailing Kit by Lucas Oil is tough to beat.  Complete with their Interior Detailer, Tire and Trim Shine, Speed Wax, Microfiber Towel,and No Mess Tire & Trim Applicator, it comes in a simple box that can be reused to hold the products in the trunk. Check it out here.


Mark Your Calendar - July 10-18, 2020

John Atzbach has collected Shelby and Lamborghini cars and memorabilia for decades and has decided it’s time to move some of the pieces on to new caretakers.  During their annual Indy event, Mecum Auctions will handle the sale, packed with original cars,equipment, memorabilia, and more from Ford, Shelby and Lamborghini, complete with items from Carroll Shelby’s own chili business and personal items from Roy Lunn, Dixie Dean, and Chuck Cantwell. See some of the items coming up for bid here.