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Ferrari Experience, Classics at Auction, and Zegin Braun….

The weather continues to be amazing in the Carolinas.  Warm afternoons and cool nights…perfect for enjoying some special events. Foreign Cars Italia is hosting the Ferrari Roma La Nuova Dolce Vita, an opportunity to fully experience the amazing Ferrari Roma.  The Experience, including a test drive, will be held on October 28 in Greensboro, October 29 in Raleigh, and October 30 in Charlotte. But, you need to register here.

The Greensboro Auto Auction Classic Car Auction will bring 650 classic, muscle, and collectible vehicles to auction November 5, 6, and 7.  Featured cars include a 2003 50th anniversary Corvette, a 1990 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer, and a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT, the last Fiero made in Pontiac, Michigan. More info is available at  

In this issue, we’re pleased to introduce Zegin Braun of Streetside Classics.  Many of you may have met or know Zegin through the events that Streetside Classics has sponsored and/or participated.  He has amazing knowledge and passion for cars, and is just a really interesting guy to hang out with.  

Monte Carlo Garage is getting closer to opening its new “model garage.”  Stay tuned for details or drop by for a “sneak peek.”

Until next time, Enjoy the ride...
Brad Bowman, Manager
Monte Carlo Garages

Exclusive News and Features

Snapshot: Streetside Classics

Streetside Classics

In business for 12 years with six locations around the USA, Streetside Classics has established an enviable reputation in the industry.  Zegin Braun is the Consignment Manager, responsible for finding cars and entire collections to bring to market through the Streetside network.  What seems like a truly daunting job, he makes it seem more joyous than strenuous.            

“It’s fun,” he said.  “We attend a number of events throughout the year, and while we’re there, people often approach us and tell us about a car or group of cars they are looking to divest of, and that’s how the conversation starts.  It’s really about trust, because it’s hard to turn over a valuable piece of property to a virtual stranger and trust them to handle the transaction responsibly, professionally, and send a check.”            

Zegin’s easy-going manner is infectious and it’s easy to understand why people trust him after just a conversation.            

“I’ve held just about every job Streetside has, and as consignment manager, I really am happy, I love talking with the people, I love talking about cars, I love making the connections,” he said.  “And so does everyone else at Streetside. We’re all car people here, we love cars, talk cars, and all of us can talk about a variety of cars, so it’s not like we specialize in any one brand or type of car.”            

That said, Zegin has owned a number of cars, and currently has a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner, 1967 Ford Mustang, and a 1978 Ford Bronco.            

“I’m just about to get another Bronco to build out, they’re great vehicles, easy to work on, and they’re popular,” he said.            

The most popular cars, he says, are the first-generation Ford Mustangs, followed by the early Chevrolet Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds.  Of course, the Ford Bronco is coming up very quickly, thanks especially to the new model being built by Ford.            

“These cars sell pretty quickly, and we get a lot of them through the dealership,” he said.  “They span generations, all people can appreciate them and enjoy them.”            

Streetside Classics always has a wide variety of cars and trucks for sale and is always looking to help people find what they want or sell what needs to be sold.  Check them out here

Morphy Auctions Automobilia Sale Successful

Morphy Auctions

Morphy Auctions automobilia and petroliana sale, held October 14 and 15, realized exceptional prices, but still offered a lot of deals for the taking.  One of their price leaders was Lot 1495, a Conoco Motor Oil quart can display rack complete with original signs and cans.  Noted to be in a 9.0+ condition, the topper signs and variety of Conoco oil cans were likewise rated in very good to excellent condition. Selling for $1,353 it would make an excellent addition to any collection. Another top seller was Lot 1248, a very rare Raymond Garage four-in-one Justice 5-gallon visible pump with air, water, and oil attachments. Unique, the Justice 5-gallon visible offered customers the opportunity to service their air, water, fuel, and oil in one stop – the rarity and uniqueness stood out as it commanded a cool $46,800. Lot 1214 was a bargain piece, a City Texaco 24-hour full-service neon service station clock with glass advertising City Texaco.  The face and neon presented in excellent condition, lighting up nicely, complete with a working clock. Selling for $832, it would have looked fabulous on any wall. Lot 1172 was a unique and rare Ford script neon sign rocked the house for $28,800 and was truly a gem.  Measuring 112” long, the porcelain face and sides were in great condition, hosting red neon which worked beautifully.  Showing some touch up work, this piece was removed from the original dealership in Dallas,TX in the early 1970s and has been in a single collection since it was removed.  See the entire collection of items sold here, and learn more about Morphy Auctions!


Hein-Werner 2-Ton Burns Up the Net

Hein Werner 2 Ton

Search for a standard 2-ton floor jack on the Internet and you’re apt to discover a whole flurry of different makers out there – interestingly though, one is continually mentioned, Hein-Werner. Constantly brought up in safety forums and “Made in USA” websites, the Hein-Werner 2-ton floor jack seems to have earned itself legendary status for its robust and homegrown design and construction, which should lend consumers a safe, secure feeling.  Garage Style Magazine recently adopted one of their 2-ton jacks and a set of stands for a project vehicle, and we look forward to hearing their impressions of the products – if it’s anything like what’s out there on the Net, it’ll be all good.  Learn more about their products here, and, you read it here first – they are coming out with a quick-jack, meaning one pump and up.  Should be cool!