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Welcome to the first edition of the Monte Carlo Garage Suites e-Newsletter! Our goal is to bring you interesting and relevant articles that will entertain and/or inform you. Each edition will provide event news, cool products, local “car personalities,” updated information about Monte Carlo Garage, and more.

Have you experienced Cars and Cappuccino? Check out the interview with Trent and Heidi, the Founders of Cars and Cappuccino. Their story is inspiring; demonstrating that the car culture is not just a “guy thing,” but can be a journey shared by husbands and wives together.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 seems to be dominating the news.  It has changed our lifestyles….but only for awhile.  Sadly, it is disrupting some of our best spring and summer activities:  The Car Shows and Club Meetings.  Although shows and meetings are postponed or cancelled for now, they will resume as “stay in place” is lifted. We’ll keep you informed. 

If you are involved in car shows or club meetings and want to update our readers, be sure to keep in touch with us (e-mail is best: 

While the world around us seems to have changed, remember, it is only temporary. Many enthusiasts are making the most of the situation by finishing that project that has been waiting in the garage, improving their garages, and keeping in touch through social distancing and virtual meetings.  

Even the motorsports world is finding innovative ways to entertain us.  Have you watched eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational? While, in my opinion, it is not the same experience as a live race, it is fun to watch and a way for fans to stay connected with their favorite driver.  And, I have to congratulate nephew Alex Bowman with Hendricks Motorsports, who won the iRacing Pro Invitational at Talledega Speedway on April 26! (Sorry, but Uncles DO get bragging rights). 

For now, stay safe, keep active, look to the future, and be thankful for what we have. We are all fortunate to live where we do and be able to enjoy the lifestyles we have worked hard to achieve.

-Brad Bowman
Monte Carlo Garages

Exclusive News and Features

Snapshot: Cars and Cappuccino

Images by @mattshdr

Trent and Heidi Witthoeft have taken the age-old morning Cruise-In concept to a whole new level with their Cars and Cappuccino gatherings. Held at the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cars and Cappuccino is a gathering of European vehicles ranging from Volkswagens and Fiats to Ferraris and Lamborghinis with an occasional appearance by a McLaren or Bugatti, or something terribly unique such as a Messerschmitt or Isetta.             

“We have been referring to it as a 'Casual Concours,' and it’s been very well received,” said Heidi. “Watching it grow has been very exciting and the membership is currently at about 200 people.” 

Unlike most other automotive cruise-ins, Cars and Cappuccino established a membership protocol in the interest of maintaining civility and quality.  (Anyone can attend, but only Members can participate in showings).  The decision has been fantastic.

Members are highly enthusiastic about Cars and Cappuccino, largely for the membership, country club format, they say.  The creation of a membership has also raised the bar a bit in terms of the overall member demographics.

“Some of our members are very young, in their early 20s, while our oldest member is 90,” said Trent.  “All of them though have one thing in common, enthusiasm for cars, especially European brands.  It really brings everyone together as a community, and in that spirit, we bring together people of likeminded interests and values, and that’s helped shape the overall vibe very nicely.”

Held one Sunday a month, Cars and Cappuccino meets 10 months out of the year, weather permitting.  Trent and Heidi say they’ve both greatly enjoyed working with mall management, which has not only provided the space for Cars and Cappuccino but has proven very enthusiastic about the membership model.              

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Transportation Art

Transportation Art

It’s one of the easiest ways to spruce up an environment – hang some art.  A once cold, unwelcoming room is immediately transformed into an interesting, engaging, and warm place to enjoy conversations and spend time.  Fortunately for transportation enthusiasts, an entire world of art is at our fingertips.  Artists like Eberts, Cleworth, Ivanicki, Levesque, and so many more offer a variety of lenses through which motor vehicles can be viewed.  One great place to look is which specializes in automotive fine art.  Founded by Pete Aylett, the great grandson of a London carriage maker, he made a career in automotive engineering design working for brands such as Lotus, Mazda, GM, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.  A tried and true car enthusiast, his passion largely lay in automotive fine art and helping collectors and enthusiasts find what they are looking for to warm up their garages, offices, dens – wherever a dash of inimitability may be needed.  

Image shown is “Those Were the Days, Joe!” a limited-edition giclee by Gary Whinn.


 A Look at the Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli

Recently re-introduced for the second time, the Maserati Ghibli sports four doors, an ample trunk, and an interior that inspires.  Gently sprung, the Ghibli tames and isolates uneven road surfaces while offering razor-sharp handling, with cornering and braking that is on par with the likes of smaller, lighter sports cars.  Fit and finish are superb,and the materials usage is remarkable, even in some cases surprising.  The Ghibli truly checks all the boxes that mark it as a welcome rarity in a world of class copycats.            

Driving the Ghibli is a totally unique experience. It is solid, lending drivers a sense of confidence, but lithe, giving the impression of balanced athleticism. It’s a sledgehammer with the feel of a scalpel, a remarkably well-balanced sporting sedan.            

The Ghibli will sprint from the line with the thrust of a missile, tame the most twisted and tangled of mountain passes, and give smaller, lighter cars something to worry about.  But, it’s also right at home cruising the boulevards, commuting along the freeways, and simply serving as a daily driver.  And what a daily driver it would be.            

The firmly bolstered but very comfortable seats encourage driving and continuing to drive and explore.  The interior ergonomics are seemingly intuitive, although like any new machine, they take a little time getting used to and locating. It’s obvious Maserati spent a good amount of time considering how to make the Ghibli not just fast, but enjoyable, like a fine meal or enjoyable event, it’s something to be remembered and enjoyed.