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Car Shows and the Garage "Makeover"...

With some car shows and events scaling back due to COVID, some of us are finding our “car fix” in front of the TV or computer screens.  One of my favorite shows on Netflix is “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” hosted by Jerry Seinfeld.  At the start of the show, it’s all about the car.  He showcases the car, its history, and what makes the car so interesting.  Seinfeld then picks up his guest, they take a ride, talk, 

and laugh.  It’s light-hearted entertainment and a great escape.

For “car geeks,” the garage has always been a great place to find some peace of mind as we work on the latest car project, tinker with our tools, or hang with our buddies.  But, how can we make our garages more interesting, more useable, and more inviting?  A quick search on the internet brings up unlimited possibilities.  Or just call Ron Petoia at Garage Experts.  He has seen (and designed) some of the most elaborate and interesting garages in the Charlotte area.  Check out the Snapshot of Garage Experts below. 

Join us at Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers this Sunday, September 13, 7:30 to 9:30 AM at Cureton Town Center, 8157 Kensington Dr, Waxhaw, NC.  A great place to hang out, see some really cool cars, and meet others who share your passion. 

Brad Bowman
Monte Carlo Garages

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Snapshot: Garage Experts

Garage Experts

Ron Petoia loves garages.  Who can blame him?  He operates Garage Experts of South Charlotte and helps people dial in their special spaces by applying epoxy floors, custom cabinets, and slat wall to help achieve a uniform look andhigher level of organization.  His work is frequently seen within the various garages at Monte Carlo.            

“Today, the garage is more than just a space to park cars, it’s an escape,” said Ron.            

Put that way, it’s understandable why Ron has been so busy lately.  After all, a proper escape should invite and relax, give shelter from the cares of the world and the first way to achieve that in any room is through organization and cleanliness.            

“One of the best ways to gain order in the garage is by getting the floor squared away,” he said.  “A clean floor automatically dials in a room.”            

Garage Experts grinds down the top layer of concrete to find a clean, unsoiled layer to begin working with.  They lay the colored epoxy, uniformly apply color chips for some depth and visual interest,and then apply a protective poly coat over the top, essentially a very durable clearcoat that can withstand hot tires, the occasional tool falling on it, and so on.  It also provides a nice sheen and locks the color chips in place.            

“Our work and products offer a lifetime warranty, a layer of comfort that’s perfect for an escape,” Ron said.           

 With the floor completed, Ron and his crew can install cabinets complete with drawers and closets, workbenches, and slat wall, providing uniformity,organization, and the potential for a clutter-free space.  Nicely too, a variety of colors are available to help create a specific vibe and appearance.            

“It’s always a great idea to have the walls and ceiling painted and looking good too,get some lighting installed so it’s nice and bright,” he said.            

If everyone could see garages the way Ron does, it’s very likely everyone would love them too.  Learn more about Ron and Garage Experts here.

Tech It Out
A few ideas to spruce up the entertainment options in your garage!

Jensen Sound

Jensen JMC-180
Mount it on the wall, or set it on the workbench, this stereo is complete with a CD player, AM/FM stereo, and a remote control. Offering random play, programmable memory, alarm clock, skip/search forward/backward, auxiliary input for iPod, MP3, or other digital audio players, the blue digital display is easily readable and complements the modern, sleek design which will look fine in any environment.  Learn more


Klipsch Heritage Groove

Streaming music from a digital device is more popular than ever – thanks to technology, it can sound fabulous too. Klipsch, famous for engineering terrific sound since 1946, offers a great way to hear your playlist with the Heritage Groove, a retro-styled Bluetooth speaker with a powerful microphone for hands-free calling, and an 8-hour battery life. The wood veneer and cloth speaker cover join tactile silver buttons to create a remarkable image that calls back designs from decades past. A sure conversation starter, it’ll also fill the garage with sound. Enjoy more here.

Sony XB33

Sony XB33

With technology as it is, bringing entertainment into the garage is easier than ever.  One way is with the XB33 EXTRA BASS Portable BLUETOOTH Speaker.  Perfect for garages because of its robust construction and engineering, it’s washable, waterproof,and salt-water resistant – it’s also dustproof and shockproof, all of which means spending time in the garage should be simple for the XB33.  It’s also got a 24-hour battery life, which is amazing.  Learn more here.

Sceptre 19

Sceptre 19" TV
Complete with a built-in DVD Player, the Sceptre 19” HDTV is perfect for the garage thanks to its size and weight.  Measuring a mere 19” from corner-to-corner, it won’t take up very much space and yet provides fabulously crisp pictures in 1366x768 high resolution.  The LED display offers an array of color interpretation from very light to very dark, while a USB port allows you to display pictures or listen to music. Perfect for enjoying a live auction, race, or watching a movie while relaxing in the garage.  See more options


Lounging Around


More than ever, garages are being recognized as sanctuaries.  A place to regroup, reset, reactivate, and just plain unplug.  As such, it’s important to establish an area to relax, a lounge of sorts, a space with some comfortable seating, maybe a small bar for refreshments, and so on. 

“I don’t work on my own cars, I don’t detail them, so why waste the space on cabinets and benches?” said Eli, a collector in Los Angeles, California.  “I wanted my garage to resonate a relaxed, clublike atmosphere, a place where maybe Sinatra would come have a drink.”            

As such, his garage features open-beam ceilings, brick and stone flooring, lots of pictures, and a sort of English drawing room feel.  While the cars reside up front, at the back is an airy enclosed patio built onto the garage complete with a fireplace,television, couches, chairs, humidor, minibar, and other elements to lend a relaxed Ralph Lauren islander feel.            

“I love it here, I can have a drink and smoke a cigar with some friends while watching a great car film and chatting it up,” he said.  “All the cares of work and life just melt away.”            

Denny in Northern California feels similarly.           

“My garage is a large box with a bathroom and kitchen,” he said.  “Three spaces for cars in front of a living room space with some antique furniture I picked up, several books and movies,it’s a great place to entertain and have conversations.”            

In order to build a lounge, you need to examine your own interests, needs, and space  Do you want a refreshment area of some kind?  Do you want a poker table or living room type deal with couches and comfortable chairs?  What look are you going for?  Sometimes working with a professional space planner or designer to make sense of styles and ideas is a good idea.  Afterall, your garage should be your therapy,not put you into therapy.